World Boxing Federation Women's World Championship Boxing - ExCel London March 2013 - featuring Christina Hammer, Zita Zatyko,Ramona Heuhne, Maria Lindberg, Juliette Winter, Suzannah Warner, Areti Mastrodouka, Kristine Shergold, Angel McKenzie, Marianne Marston lds


I doubt there are many people in the UK who don’t know who Angel is, as the quirky Russian born battler is a former Big Brother house mate.

Angel’s celebrity status rose even higher after she was evicted from the Big Brother house, as Angel faced Lana Cooper in the first UK live televised Female Boxing bout, which Angel won by a tidy 39-37 points margin.

Since then Angel has travelled the World and fought some of the biggest names in the sport, including GBC World Champion Lyndsay Scragg (18/9/09), two time World Champion Conjestina Achieng (27/2/10 - Kenya), former European Champion Daniela David (10/4/10), WIBA World Champion Jessica Balogun (4/6/10 & 28/8/10 - Germany), recent World titlechallenger Olivia Boudouma (18/7/10 - Switzerland), five time World Champion Anne Sophie Mathis (4/12/10 - France), Angel challenged Lucia Morelli for the WIBF World title (5/2/11 - Germany), only to lose by a points decision, as was her loss against Sweden’s Mikaela Lauren for her WPBF World Crown (23/7/11 - Spain)

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