World Boxing Federation Women's World Boxing Championships - ExCel London March 2013 - featuring Christina Hammer, Zita Zatyko,Ramona Heuhne, Maria Lindberg, Juliette Winter, Suzannah Warner, Areti Mastrodouka, Kristine Shergold, Angel McKenzie, Marianne Marston, - Well done Olympians Katie Taylor, Savannah Marshall, Nicola Adams, Claressa Shieldslds

Historically Great Britain has been a pioneering nation, especially when it comes to sport and in this particular case the sport of boxing. Professional Boxing, as the organised sport we know today, began right here in the UK after the first universally accepted code, the Queensberry Rules For The Sport Of Boxing, was published in 1867, by John Graham Chambers and publicly endorsed by John Douglas, the ninth Marquess of Queensberry.

Almost one and half centuries later Great Britain still leads the way. Dame Tessa Jowell MP successfully lobbied for Women’s Amateur Boxing to be included for the first time at the London 2012 Olympics, in doing so bought the sport of Women’s Boxing to the attention of the World.

Around the same time as Dame Tessa Jowell MP was undertaking her campaign, English Professional Boxer Marianne Marston, who was discovered and trained by the legendary Heavyweight Champion of the World, the late, great Smokin’ Joe Frazier, was spearheading a campaign to encourage young women into taking up the sport, by creating her award winning Boxing Classes for Women, as well as lobbying UK promoters to include Women’s Professional Boxing in their events.

In March 2011 Marianne began formulating the concept of an annual special event for female professional boxers, one which would not only feature the best of the best, the undisputed Champions of the World, but also provide a platform for local rising stars to showcase their talent on a big stage.

With many of the World's leading female boxers expressing their support for the event, in April 2013, following her sensational first round stoppage of Hungarian #1 Gabriella Roman, Marianne discussed the proposed event with Acourtier Events Dave Murphy, who in an instant agreed to promote the event, in association with herself.

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